9 Spongebob Themed Shirts we LOVE

We're 100% obsessed with these photo-realistic, all-over-print Spongebob shirts. From new memes to old faves, there's no doubt you'll stand out and have people talking.
Are you ready kids? I can't hear you! 

1. Trippin Spongebob Sweatshirt

My face when someone says they hate Spongebob. $22.95 at Sweater Goals

2. Grunge Bob Tee

From ugly barnacle to hardcore AF. $23.95 at Sweater Goals

3. OMG Patrick Sweatshirt

TFW you realize Mr. Krabs has a whale as a daughter. $36.95 at Sweater Goals

4. Shook Krabs Jersey Tee

"Shoot me... just don't take me money".  $35.95 at Sweater Goals

5. Trippy Gary Tee

If everyone in Bikini Bottom can talk, why can't Gary? $30.95 at Sweater Goals

6. Dabbing Squidward Sweatshirt

First you play your clarinet, then ya dab on 'em. $33.95 at Sweater Goals

7. Patrick Star Pizza Tee

Krusty Krab pizza, is the pizza, for you and me! $32.95 at Sweater Goals

8. Handsome Squidward Tee

20 minutes into 'clarinet and chill' and he gives you this look. $26.95 at Sweater Goals

9. Surfin Spongebob Tee

Surf's up, Goofy Goobers! $23.95 at Sweater Goals


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